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Upcoming restoration project

Soon we will start restoration on a 700 Madura bike.




Currently the bike is not in bad shape. It has been in storage for quite some time. We will describe the actions we took to get it safe on the road again.

On storage, Top Off the Tank

This is another long-term bike storage tip we applied. Fill the tank with gas if you expect the bike to be in storage for more than 30 days. This will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank and keep the seals from drying out. You should also purchase a fuel stabilizer, to prevent ethanol buildup and protect the engine from gum, varnish and rust. The fuel stabilizer will prevent the gas from deteriorating for up to 12 months.


Most of the chrome has been corroded.  I have a suggestion for those that have bad chrome on their wheels. Take the wheels off and sandblasted both of the rims and the spokes. You don’t need to remove the tires. Tape the spokes and primer the rims only. Then paint the rims gold to match the lettering on the side covers. When the rims were finished remove the tape and clear coated the rims and spokes.

Fuel system

We will check the fuel system for leakages and such. Also we shall apply new fuel filters. The fuel lines still look OK.

Keep you posted…